From the archives: Clint and Richard on PWEI’s rise to fame

Pop Will Eat Itself took indie to a new level in the 80s by using tech to fuse samples and hip hop influences with grebo rock.

As the 2019 version of PWEI prepares to team up with Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and Miles Hunt for round two of Love From Stourbridge, we have raided our Base Studios archives for a video special.

Back in 2013 original PWEI members Richard March and Clint Mansell got together at Base for a chat about the early days of the band and how technology and the music business has changed since they started out.

Clint, who does not perform with the current PWEI line-up, is now a top movie music score composer with a string of Hollywood hits on his CV.

Check out this fascinating insight into how two of Stourbridge’s biggest talents got to the top and what advice they have for aspiring musicians.