Glee Club set for a beautiful moment with Roachford

Singer/songwriter Andrew Roachford is an artist with an enviable reputation.

He made his name in the 80s with tracks like Cuddly Toy and Family Man, songs which got him a seven album deal with Columbia Music and he was their biggest-selling domestic act for a decade.

He has been asked to write songs for huge stars including Michael Jackson and Chaka Khan, using his talent to put into song the feelings people sometimes don’t even know they have.

He said: “I’m always pushing myself as an artist. When it comes to songwriting, I naturally gravitate to digging deep.  

“That’s how it works for me.

“I started listening to the likes of Stevie Wonder, Al Green and Jimi Hendrix from a very early age and felt like I was tapping into an ancestry of music.  

“I felt a connection to these artists as people and the way they sing about love is etched into me.”

Roachford will be releasing a new album called The Beautiful Moment in September and playing live at Birmingham’s Glee Club on October 20.