Roy Harper to mark his final tour in Birmingham

Singer songwriter Roy Harper is set for his final major UK tour after more than 50 years making music.

Harper has an impressive list of fans and collaborators, including Led Zeppelin, Kate Bush, Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour and Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson.

He has continued to write new songs and the set for his latest tour will include material from across the decades including the epic McGoohan’s Blues from his 1968 album Folkjokeopus.

Harper said: “Partly because many of the things I wrote about in McGoohan’s Blues in 1968 are still very relevant 50 years later, and partly because my third record was a watershed moment in my recording life, it’s been long in my mind that I should dust it off and bring it on tour again.”

Roy Harper will be playing live at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall on Tuesday March 12.