Podcast Studio

It’s all about the sound

With the addition of our brand new podcast studio, bands and brands can easily create high quality content to engage with their audience. Our bespoke studio has been designed to maximise the quality of your recording, the studio is acoustically treated to minimise ambient sounds and features industry-standard Rode equipment.

This room is POA, please Contact us with your requirements or any questions you may have.

Why use a Podcast?

Not only are Podcasts great fun to make, but they are also an effective marketing tool. Regardless of whether you are a band or a brand, your audience wants to interact and engage with you. For example, a band could create a short series introducing the personal side of each member so fans get to know you, or a business could create a masterclass and cover a range of topics to create legitimacy for themselves. Podcasts can help build strong relationships with your audience as they have to subscribe and take the time to listen to what you are saying.