Bayley set to set the Robin 2 ablaze

Brummie singer/songwriter Blaze Bayley started his journey into metal in 1984 as Wolfsbane’s frontman.

He joined Iron Maiden in 1994 and spent six years touring and recording with one of rock’s biggest bands.

After leaving Iron Maiden, Bayley embarked on a solo career, during which he released eight albums up to 2016.

In 2015 Blaze celebrated  the 15th anniversary of his first solo release ‘Silicon Messiah’ and in 2016 saw a significant worldwide resurgence of interest in his career, not least with the release of ‘Infinite Entanglement’, his first new studio album in four years. 

His 2016 European Tour covered 70 dates, whilst he also toured Latin America and Canada.

The same year saw the release of the first of the critically-acclaimed trilogy of albums under the name Infinite Entanglement, his first new studio album in four years.

Blaze Bayley will be playing live at the Robin 2, Bilston, on Thursday March 28.