Film Production

Here at Base Studios we have a single mission, to provide high quality film production at affordable prices. Our ethic is to be open and honest about the services we provide and ensure that our pricing structure is clear for all to understand. We know modern digital technology makes film production accessible for everyone, but at Base Studios we believe we can deliver a product that will show your business at its best in many formats up to full TV broadcast-quality HD Below are samples of our work, from the corporate sector to full TV production. Also we have a long history of filming live music productions as well as artist interviews.

Live Edit for Conferences, Multi Camera Shoot and Live Performance

In addition to our other production services, we have the capability to live edit which means we can support conferences, outside broadcast, and capture live performance. All at affordable prices and in HD. We have the technical capability to create everything from 30 second web clips to full HD broadcast quality films. You can be assured we will recommend the best route for you to achieve your goals at an affordable price.

British Breakthrough – Trailer

Corporate & product videos

At Base Studios we produce company profile shorts, internal and external corporate communications, case studies, product and training demonstrations, presentations, conference and event videos. We can provide trained actors and professional voiceover artists to help get your message across if that’s what you prefer, or our experienced directors will guide you with some straightforward techniques for speaking on camera. In post production we can enhance your video with motion graphic animations, bringing your message to life with clarity and energy.

Why video?

So why video? More precisely, why should you use video as a medium to promote products or services?  Is it a good way of explaining your company’s vision? A good way of conveying your strategy? Well it is true that video content on your website will drive it up Google’s search rankings, because it represents the kind of rich, unique content the algorithms love.  However, there are more reasons than just this Google-centric world view.  For example in terms of impact, information is much more likely to be retained if it seen rather than heard.  There are more interesting numbers though: 1. One third of all online activity is spent watching video* 2. 80% 0f your online visitors will watch a video, while only 20% will read content in its entirety* 3. YouTube is the number two search engine in the world* 4. 50% of users watch business related videos on YouTube once a week* 5. Every day 100 million internet users watch an online video* If we look beyond the basic numbers, we can that a preference building for video rather than textual explanations of products, services and other information.  In fact a combination of both is the ideal, with video playing a key role. The reasons are mounting to invest in video as part of your overall marketing mix.  We can help, just get in touch.

The Base sessions

The Base Sessions are produced by Base Studios at the studio or on location.

Our team is fully equipped for filming on location and, because we strive to be as unobtrusive as possible, we are able to produce high-quality content with the minimum of inconvenience.

Since 2009 The Base Sessions team has been working in partnership with the Newsquest Media Group to produce short, high-quality video packages featuring a variety of guests.

Features have been filmed at a range of locations around Britain, the team has been in action  in many different settings; filming during concert performances and backstage at rock festivals plus on the red carpet at a prestigious showbiz awards ceremony.

The Base Sessions was initially created to showcase new talent in the West Midlands as a collaboration between Newsquest and Base Studios.

Video packages were available via dedicated web pages on Newsquest sites across the West Midlands and Worcestershire for a potential audience currently estimated to be more than 300,000.

The initial success of the feature attracted bigger names and The Base Sessions now regularly includes national and international stars.

The higher profile and quality of production earned The Base Sessions a slot on Wall of Sound, a new music show broadcast on channels across the globe, including Ovation TV the USA and VH-1 in India.

The Base Sessions in filmed in a relaxed and informal atmosphere and, if necessary, packages can be edited and completed in-house at Base Studios

Many thousands of viewers have logged-on to watch The Base Session via the internet and our new partnership with the producers of Wall of Sound means a global TV audience will now see why the project has been so successful.

We get up to all kinds of things here at Base Studios. Our video department are involved in the production of a number of TV shows.