Amoung several projects they are currently pitching, Base Studios Produtions are working on FABA – a sit com based around a failed ABBA tribute band. FABA stars The Fizzogs (also known as the internet sensation The Dancing Grannies with over 300m views). 

Short Films

‘Antique’ – their first drama project, is a sci-fi short film starring BBC Doctors star Laura Rollins (winner of the RTS award for Best Dramatic Performance 2019). Maia is trapped in a room by a mysterious captor. Only when the captor introduces another prisoner to her room does Maia discover a horrifying truth about why she is there.

‘Art: A Part of Society’ –  Base Studios Productions spent some time filming renowned Russian artist Maria Rudd. Maria paints onto light boards and then has her work projected onto large buildings. Her paintings change and grow as music plays, making a fascinating evening’s entertainment. In this film, Maria talks us through her process and her thoughts on art itself.


Base Studios Productions has a range of feature film scripts that are currently being pitched to different financiers. We could post information about each of these projects, but we’d prefer to keep this quiet at this point until something gets greenlit – so watch this space!

Music Videos

Music artist Manni Dhillon came to us to film the music video for his song Khanii. And soon we will be hosting the wonderful Girls from Oz to make a music video for one of their new recordings.