The Amazons look back to old heroes to influence new album

The Amazons take their influences from Led Zeppelin and Howlin’ Wolf through to Iggy Pop for their new album Future Dust.

The album features the single 25, which is a lyrical self-analysis of lead singer Matthew Thomson’s view of being aged 25.

He said: “I wrote 25 two months before I turned 25, to try to work out where I am in life. 

“The song mimics the confusion that I constantly feel, that everyone my age feels. Are we all narcissists or are we really switched on?”

The new album has a heavier sound and has songs that explore issues including social media witch hunts, eating disorders and depression.

Thompson said: “ I read Hellfire, the Jerry Lee Lewis biography, and fell in love with the biblical language that was used to describe his ‘devil music’.

“As much as the songs, it was the stories and characters that we loved. Playing boogie-woogie piano in murky clubs sounds pretty tame now, but back then, it was raw and dangerous. 

“We wanted to capture that with a dirtier, grittier, sexier sound.”

The Amazons were the most hotly tipped band of 2017 and followed through with their debut album reaching number 8 in the official chart.

The appeared on BBC Radio 1 and 6 music A lists, and promoted the album with a sold out tour including London’s Kentish Town Forum.

The Amazonswill be playing a a host of festivals over the summer, before heading out on their biggest UK tour to date which will include a gig at Birmingham’s O2 Academy of November 8.