The Dandy Warhols bring a bohemian touch to Brum

The Dandy Warhols rose to fame at the end of the grunge era during the late 90s and are marking their 25th anniversary with a UK tour.

The band’s live presence – frequently filled with nudity early on in their career – was enough that, at their first gig in 1994 they were approached the independent record label Tim/Kerr who offered to pay for the recording of an album. 

The result was their debut, 1995’s Dandys Rule OK, an album that impressed major record label Capitol Records to sign the band.

They flirted with chart success until 2000 when the single Bohemian Like You, from the album Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia, became a global hit. 

Their performance at Glastonbury in the same year impressed David Bowie so much he invited them onto the bill for his Meltdown 2002 arts event, and dueted with them for a performance of The Velvet Underground’s White Light / White Heat.

The band will be releasing a new album in 2019 and performing live at Birmingham’s O2 Institute on January 29.