Rehearsal Rooms

We have seven individual rehearsal rooms fully kitted out for artists to plug in and play. There is room to suit every budget and genre of music. Studios 1-4 all feature ambient lighting and air conditioning.

Please click here for more information on artist development. In order to enquire, book, or cancel a rehearsal, please call on 07976 843718. If you want to have a look just drop in – we’ll be happy to show you around.

If for any reason you need to cancel, we require 24 hours notice.

* Please note that due to accidental damage and inevitable wear and tear, some equipment may differ from time to time.

Rehearsal Studio 1

Studio 1’s natural ambient sound makes it ideal for live recording.

Like all the studios at Base, Studio 1 is networked to enable bands to be linked directly to the control room in our recording studio which means producers can get the best from a performance before the final mix.

Rehearsal Studio 2

A smaller room which although fully equipped for bands is an ideal space for duos and acoustic performers to write and rehearse.

Rehearsal Studio 3

The comfort zone. A spacious and relaxing large rehearsal area where people can make music without treading on someone else’s toes! This is an ideal room for bands with larger line-ups, showcase performances, or as a dance and choreography studio and has even hosted a brass band.

Rehearsal Studio 4

This room can be used to mimic conditions in smaller gigs and has been used for video shoots recreating a show in a small club environment.

Studio 4 has a quadrant corner stage which can also serve as a drum riser while the rest of band makes use of the ample space in this room.

Rehearsal Studio 5

For bands on a budget Studio 5 is a basic rehearsal room which still delivers the goods by being fully equipped with back line, drums and PA.

Rehearsal Studio 6

Whether you are gearing up for the all important first gig, or preparing for a thirty-date European tour, this is the room for rehearsing all the right moves for your show.

Rehearsal Studio 7

Opened in summer 2014, Studio 7 has already proved popular with big-name groups preparing for major shows.

This room is kitted out to cope with bands who want to rehearse in comfort without having to pay a high price for room to perfect their performance.